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Crush 14u


  • 14U


  • James Lane



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Crush is comprised of competitive and committed players from North Georgia. Coach Jim Lane is leading and teaching these boys how to win, and just as importantly, how to lose and to love the process of training. Through his guidance the boys are “buying in” to everything he has to teach, which he has done at a high level for many years.  These boys eat, breath and sleep baseball. They love to train, are striving hard to get better, and are planning and preparing to win and experience the joy of the greatest game in the world.

The boys are quickly coming together, becoming friends, trusting each other, and are enjoying being on the field together regularly.

Team’s Mission

  • — Improving player skills through instruction
  • — Providing frequent tournaments against competitive teams
  • — Building a team atmosphere for players to grow in baseball, in being a team player, and to love training
  • — Appreciating their family’s commitment and time spent

2018 Tournament Schedule:




East Cobb Baseball Mission: To teach the integrity of the game of baseball and to help players understand the greatness of the game while learning the life lessons associated with baseball. To guide and enhance the process of advancing to the college or professional level. To provide the best learning atmosphere, the best competition, and the most fun the game of baseball has to offer to its participants.


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