4617 Lee Waters Rd Marietta, GA 30066

Triple Crown US Nationals



Start Date:

  • 07/24/2018

End Date:

  • 07/28/2018


Joe Santilli
[email protected]

Triple Crown US Nationals | July 24-28, 2018


The Triple Crown U.S. Club Nationals will roll into its 3rd year for this unique championship event that will challenge the best programs in the Nation.

More information: https://www.usclubnationals.com/

*East Cobb Baseball is a proud partner with Wilson & DeMarini. Based on our review of the situation, we would like to confirm DeMarini 2018 CF Zen (-10) 2 3/4″ (WTDXCBZ-18) bats will continue to be allowed to be used at the East Cobb Baseball complex and in East Cobb Baseball hosted tournaments/showcases.