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ECB 2013 Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2103 ECB Award Winners! We were very excited to present the Awards at our 2nd Annual ECB Appreciation Night presented by S.M.A.R.T. Congratulations to the following for winning:

8U Division

Most Improved-Jackson Perryclear

ECB Appreciation 149
Jackson Perreyclear









Most Valuable Pitcher-Garrett Reid

ECB Appreciation 147
Garrett Reid









Team Best Represents ECB-Team Reebok-Coach Drew Hyman

ECB Appreciation 152
8U Team Reebok-Coach Drew Hyman









9U Division

Rawlings Defensive Player-Patrick Johnson

Most Valuable Pitcher-Tyrstin Merson

ECB Appreciation 154
Trystin Merson









MVP-Dylan Lesko

Team Best Represents ECB-Stallions-Coach Jared Stacey

ECB Appreciation 156
9U Stallions-Coach Jared Stacey









10U Division

Rawlings Defensive Player-Gunner Stockton

ECB Appreciation 160
Gunner Stockton









Most Valuable Pitcher-Bubba Chandler

MVP-James Tibbs

ECB Appreciation 158
James Tibbs









Team Best Represents ECB-Black Knights-Coach Tom Grogan

11U Division

Rawlings Defensive Player-Bradley Frye

ECB Appreciation 162
Bradley Frye(Mom)









Most Valuable Pitcher-Cole Bearden

MVP-Pascanell Ferreras

ECB Appreciation 164
Pascanel Ferreras









Team Best Represents ECB-Astros-Coach Blake Bearden

12U Division

Rawlings Defensive Player-Ryan Davis

ECB Appreciation 166
Ryan Davis









Most Valuable Pitcher-Justin Wrobleski

ECB Appreciation 171
Justin Wrobleski









MVP-Jack Alexander

ECB Appreciation 168
Jack Alexander









Team Best Represents ECB-Braves-Coach Ben Blumenthal

ECB Appreciation 174
12U Braves-Coach Ben Blumenthal









13U Division

Rawlings Defensive Player-Will Banfield

ECB Appreciation 176
Will Banfield









Most Valuable Pitcher-Darius Pope

ECB Appreciation 181
Darius Pope









MVP-Anthony Seigler

ECB Appreciation 178
Anthony Seigler









Team Best Represents ECB-Indians-Coach Duane Wilson

14U Division

Rawlings Defensive Player-Will Benson

ECB Appreciation 183
Will Benson









Most Valuable Pitcher-Xzavion Curry

MVP-Davis Schwartz

Team Best Represents ECB-Titans-Coach Matt Carter

15U Division

Rawlings Defensive Player-Kyle Wilkie

ECB Appreciation 185
Kyle Wilkie









Most Valuable Pitcher-Zac Kristofak

ECB Appreciation 187
Zac Kristofak









MVP-Brandon Hill

Team Best Represents ECB-Tigers-Coach Shawn Kimberly

ECB Appreciation 189
Coach Shawn Kimberly









16U Division

Rawlings Defensive Player-Reggie Pruitt

Most Valuable Pitcher-Blake Hamilton

ECB Appreciation 191
Blake Hamilton









MVP-Daz Cameron

ECB Appreciation 255
Daz Cameron









Team Best Represents ECB-Tigers-Coach Art Evans

ECB Appreciation 194
Coach Art Evans









17U Division

Rawlings Defensive Player -Forrest Bramlett

ECB Appreciation 196
Forrest Bramlett









Most Valuable Pitcher-Reed Scott

MVP-Kel Johnson

ECB Appreciation 198
Kel Johnson









Team Represents ECB-Dodgers-Coach Donnie Egelhoff

ECB Appreciation 202
Coach Donnie Egelhoff









18U Division

Rawlings Defensive Player-Connor Justus

ECB Appreciation 205
Connor Justus









Most Valuable Pitcher-Tyler Haswell

MVP-Jake Palomaki

ECB Appreciation 207
Jake Palomaki









Team Best Represents ECB-Renegades-Mike Zilleox

Rawlings Offensive Player of the Year 8u-12u

Chayce Bryant

Rawlings Offensive Player of the Year 13u-15u

Ryan Bliss

ECB Appreciation 211
Ryan Bliss









Rawlings Offensive Player of the Year 16u-18u

Kel Johnson

ECB Appreciation 213
Kel Johnson









Rawlings Players of the Year

Rankin Woley

ECB Appreciation 216
Rankin Woley









Daz Cameron

ECB Appreciation 255
Daz Cameron









Jason Delay

ECB Appreciation 219
Jason Delay(Mom)









Coach of the Year 8u-13u

Juerod Roberts

ECB Appreciation 224
Juerod Roberts









Coach of the Year 14u-18u

Earl Newalu

ECB Appreciation 226
Earl Newalu









Manager of the Year 8u-13u

Ben Blumenthal

ECB Appreciation 229
Ben Blumenthal









Manager of the Year 14u-18u

Jamie Crane

ECB Appreciation 233
Jamie Crane